ML.NET and Python Simple Regression

The ML.NET logo with a robot face next to it.

Why even bother with ML.NET

ML.NET has been around for a few years now, and yet the community excitement has been muted. Don't get me wrong, it definitely exists - but on the whole the sentiment is that this has been solved in other languages so why bother with ML.NET.

This is valid, but it ignores the many companies where the outcomes that can be achieved from machine learning are a goal, but they don't necessarily want to start creating and maintaining a bunch of Python projects. Companies that have invested in the .NET stack should look to ML.NET for as an alternative - but how close is it?

I'll be examining that in a series of blogs.

First things first, get set up with Jupyter Notebooks and the .NET runtime. Setup Jupyter Notebooks and .NET

Once you're all set up, lets take a look at the data.

The Data