About Me

I'm not a serious person

I love working, but I'm not my job. I like a whole bunch of things - most of all I love hanging out with my family. Pictured is my wife Becca and my son Gavin.

photo of my family, Becca and Gavin

I play games, like table top roleplaying games and video games.

Lately, I've been replaying Final Fantasy VII on my phone and playing Outer Worlds on the Playstation. In the past I've really enjoyed Horizons: Zero Dawn and the The Last of Us.

On PC, I played Mount and Blade and Battletech quite a bit.

Outer Worlds box cover art
Mount and Blade logo
Battletech logo

When it comes to table top roleplaying games. I love Fate based games. I'm playing in a 13th Age game and Shadowrun game currently. I've also was involved in a multi-year campaign in Adventurer Conqueror King (ACKS). Finally, I've been a game master for years and ran games in D&D, Shadowrun, Spirit of the Century, Pathfinder, Call of Cthuhlu and more.

Dungeons and Dragons logo
Shadowrun logo
Fate logo

I get political from time to time. I love science fiction and fantasy novels, shows and movies.

Coding is fun, and I'm glad to do it as a hobby as well as my job - but I do a bunch of different stuff. It's important not to be one sided, yeah?

The common thread is I love whimsy and doing things for the joy of doing it.